Monday, May 5, 2014

Tissue Box with Speakers

Tissue box cover with speakers, this was a design request by my sister in law, she wanted the tissue box cover with speakers. So this is what I came up with.

The basic design is just like the Tissue box, dovetail joinery and pencil holder in back. So I'm going to start with the speaker addition. The first thing for the speakers is cut the holes. I started by cutting a groove with a 3" hole saw, about half way into the wood.

Then I cut the center hole using a 2 3/4" hole saw to make the speaker hole.

That made a groove that the speaker grill will fit into.

I got Pyle Home, 100w speakers, I took them out of the shell, but used the grill. I used Gorilla glue super glue to attach the grill into the groove.

Then came attaching the speakers, I had pre-drilled the holes before I glued the box together. I used a stubby screw driver to screw the speakers in place. Then did the wiring, and attached the headphone jack.

The finished Product. The Shelf fits a Field Notes notebook perfectly.

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