Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Pair of Mallets

I have wanted to make myself a mallet for a awhile now, so that is the next project I'm going to share here. I decided to do a small one and a larger one. Below is the drawing I made before I started.

To begin, I glued up 3 pieces of leftover walnut from last project and put it in the lath.

Then I turned it till I had a cylinder. 

My wood was long enough to make both mallets out of the same piece. In order to maximize the use of the wood and to prevent mistakes, I laid out some guidelines to help make the shapes. I worked on the larger mallet first then moved over and did the smaller one. 

I finished it with a beeswax based finish.

I got a leather strap for the smaller mallet and will hang it above my mini-workbench once I've set that up. Stay tuned, I plan to post pictures of my small at-home work area once it's set up.