Monday, December 3, 2012

Mission Style Bench with Adirondack Arms

So this is my first post, originally this was going to be about my photography, but due to the lack of a dark room and the fact that I don't enjoy processing photos on computers as much as I do in a darkroom. I'm expanding the blog to include other interests. My first blog post is going to be about a bench I made for my Parents 50th Anniversary.

So here is the design its a mission style with Adirondack chair arms. I used Spanish Cedar wood, nice smell, the dust is hard on throat.

I started with doing the legs, I did through mortise (as you can see in the photo) and tenons.

Here are the legs fitting up the tenons.

So the body is almost done, I cut the bottom of the back arch out with the band saw  I need to trim the front leg post and put the through tenon.


The finished front post through tenon for the armrest.

The weekend that I made the template for the armrest,  my wife and I were baby siting our friends 3 year old he helped me lay out the template. As you can see his design was more abstract than mine.

Here is the fit up. I just need to cut the top of the back arc.

The Sides after final glue up.

The back with the arc cutout and the heart.

Gluing up the body, I used a strap to glue up the body, it's what I had at the time.

Gluing up of the armrest and support. You can see some of the through mortise and tenons.

I had another system to attach the seat, I thought this would be a easier system. I screwed block in the side support and used an over sized hole and washer to attach the seat.

The only picture I have of the final bench all together is a early morning picture before I left its final destination to come home.

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